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Staying compassionately connected throughout the dementia experience.


Throughout her mother’s dementia experience, Deborah Shouse discovered compassion, deepening love, and increased connection with her mother and her family. Love in the Land of Dementia offers hope to family members, friends, and care partners of people who are living with memory loss.


Strong organization and tender writing distinguish this purposeful and compelling read, which is filled with practical suggestions, moments of humor, and unexpected insights.

“These very powerful stories are an insightful experience of love, touching the essence of caring for someone with dementia.”

     — Maurice O'Connell, CEO, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, and Chair of Alzheimer Europe


"Within the pages of this book you will find emotional comfort and practical tools for living with dementia. You will discover the bonds that hold families together and give them strength."

     — Jack Kinney, Member of the President’s Council on Aging

To learn more about Deborah’s dementia work, please visit, and Dementia Journey YouTube Channel.

Connecting in the Land of Dementia-Creative Activities to Explore Together by Deborah Shouse

Innovative ideas designed so care partners can engage and connect with people living with dementia.

On the dementia journey, each quality moment of connection is priceless. Deborah Shouse and dozens of experts in the field of dementia share ideas that engage the creative spirit so you can continue to experience those meaningful moments of connecting.


These easy and adaptable projects--music, art, movies, cooking, storytelling, gardening, movement, and many more--can foster stronger relationships, renew hope, and ignite a sense of purpose for people who are living with dementia and their care partners. You don't need special skills to enjoy these expressive activities. Simply incorporate them into your daily routine and you'll enrich your time together

“A ‘must read’ for every care partner! This book is very special in the way it provides you with hundreds of suggestions on how to be a good care partner for someone with dementia and enjoy this yourself as well. Deborah inspired me by bringing together so many positive examples of using creativity to engage with people with dementia.”

     — Marc Wortmann, former Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Disease International


“Deborah Shouse’s inspiring book provides caregivers with tools from which to create meaningful, life-enhancing activities that can strengthen their connections. Buy the book, read it, highlight what inspires you. As you make notes and bend pages to personalize this guide, you are creating a family treasure.”

     — Carol Bradley Bursack, Founder of Minding Our Elders

To learn more about Deborah’s dementia work, please visit, and Dementia Journey YouTube Channel.

Antiquing for Dummies by Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin

A fun and painless way to give yourself a firm grounding in the wide wonderful world of antiques and collectibles.


Do you love to poke around estate sales and antique shops, but can’t tell the difference between Queen Anne and Queen Victoria furniture? Do you dream of owning that old Oriental rug or Meissen figurine — but worry that the dealer might gouge you on the price? Do you own pieces you think might be valuable — but don’t know where to go for a reliable appraisal?


Relax. Antiquing For Dummies answers all your antiquing questions—and more.Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve already gotten your feet wet, this fun, friendly guide will give you the savvy you need to cruise, schmooze, bargain for, and care for antiques with confidence.

This is a fun and painless way to give yourself a firm grounding in the wide wonderful world of antiques and collectibles.”

       — Kyle Husfloen, Managing Editor, Antique Trader Weekly and Antique Trader’s Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide


Whether you consider yourself a beginner…or a dedicated collector, you will find chapters in this easy-to-read book…designed to enhance your material needs."
       — Milton L. Talbert, Jr., 1st Vice President, National Association of Dealers in Antiques

To see more books written by Deborah, please visit her Amazon Book Page.

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